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  22. Unified analysis considering pile groups and superstructures

Won J. O., Jeong S.S., Lee C. J.

16th International Conference on Soil Mechnics and Geotechnical Engineeing, Osaka, Japan, September 2005

  21. Numerical analysis of dragload on pile groups by the finite element analysis

Jeong S.S., Lee J.H., Lee C.J.

11th International Conference of IACMAG, Italian Geotechnical Society, June 2005

  20. Load-settlement characteristics of drilled shafts reinforced by rockbolts

Jeong S.S., Kim B.C., Lee D.S., Kim D.H.

Geosupport-2004, ASCE, January 2004

  19. Centrifuge modelling of pile groups adjacent to surcharge loads

Seo D.H., Lee J.H., Jeong S.S., Chang B.S., Kim S.Y.

12th Asian Regional Conf. on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Asian Regional Conference, August 2003

  18. Simplified 3D analysis of laterally loaded pile groups

Jeong S.S., Won J.O., Lee J.H.,

Transportation Research Board 82nd Annual Meeting, Transpotation Research Board, January 2003

  17. Analysis of piled piers considering riverbed scouring

Jeong S.S., Won J.O., Suh J.J.

Scour of Foundations, TC-33, Int. Conf. on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, ISSMGE, pp.854-868, November 2002.

  16. Prediction of rainfall-induced wetting band depth on unsaturated weathered slopes

Kim J.H., Park S.W., Jeong S.S., Kim S.I.

Int. Symposium on Lowland Technology, Saga Univ., pp.53-58, September 2002

  15. Shear load transfer characteristics of drilled shafts

Sangseom Jeong 

Joint Seminar in Geotechnical Engineering (Houston-Yonsei), Univ. of Houston, August 2002

  14. Design method for stabilizing piles to increase slope stability

Jeong S.S., Kim B.C.

The Fourteenth Southeast Asian Geotechnical Conf. Hong Kong 2001, pp.777-782, December 2001

  13. The effects of plastic fines on limited liquefaction under monotonic loading

Kim S.I., Jeong S.S., Park K.B., Choi J.S.

15th Int. Conf. on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, ISSMGE, pp.163-166, August 2001

  12. Bridge scour problems in korea

Yoon T.H., Kim S.S., Choi G.W., Jeong S.S.

Scour of Foundation ISSMGE (TC-33), ISSMGE, pp.219-229, November 2000

  11. Hydraulic conductivity and strength characteristics of improved soil using microsilica and CSA cement

Jeong S.S., Kim S.I., Jeong C.B.

Int. Symposium on Lowland Technology, Saga Univ., pp.177-184, October 2000

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