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  10. Undrained behavior of clay-sand mixtures under triaxial loading

Kim S.I., Jeong S.S., Shin J.H., Hwang S.I.

Civil and Enviornmental Engineering Conf., Asia Institute of Technology, pp.Ⅲ-37-Ⅲ-44, November 1999

  9. Analysis of pile groups using p-y curves for subgrade reactions

Sangseom Jeong, Jinoh Won

East Asia-Pacific Conf. on Structural Engineering and Construction, EASEC7, pp.901-906, August 1999

  8. Anaysis of passive pile groups using load transfer curves

Sangseom Jeong, Jinoh Won

Asian Regional Conf. for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, pp.257-260, August 1999

  7. Shear load transfer characteristic of drilled shafts in weathered rocks

Kim S.I., Jeong S.S., Cho S.H.

Proceedings of the 3rd Int. Geotechnical Seminar, Ghent University, pp.489-496, October 1998

  6. Characteristics of in-situ properties of korean marine clays using CPTU and DMT

Kim S.I., Jeong S.S., Lee S.R., Kim Y.S.

Int. Conf. on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, ISSMGE, pp.519-522, September 1997

  5. Analysis of earth retraining structures by coupling of soil spring using p-y curves

Kim S. I., Chang B. S., Jeong S. S.

Proceeding of the 5th Easec, EASCE, 1995. 7. 30.

  4. Nonlinear three dimensional anaysis of downdrag on pile groups

Jeong S. S., Briaud J. L.

Proceeding of Settlement, ASCE, 1994. 06. 30.

  3. Anaysis of skin friction on end bearing piles in soft clay

Kim S. I., Jeong S. S., Jung S. Y.

East Asia-Pacific Con. On Structural Eng. and Construc, pp ~ , 1993. 10. 30.

  2. Group effect in the case of downdrag

Briaud J. L., Jeong S. S., Bush R. K.

Proc. of Geotechnical Engineering Congress, ASCE, pp ~ , 1991. 10. 30.

  1. Behavior of silt under monotonic and cyclic Loadings

Shen C. K., Jeong S. S., Wang Z. L., Dafalias Y. F.

Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, pp ~ , 1989. 10. 30.

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