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Estimation of the Ground Acceleration Amplification of Soil-Pile System in Weathered Soil
Author : Jongjeon Park
Publication Date : December 2021
Key words : Shaking table test, Liquefaction, Weathered soil, Piled raft
foundation, Ground acceleration amplification, Earthquakeresistance
design, , Groundwater level
A Combined Analytical Method for Rainfall-induced Landslides and Debris flows
Author : Hong, Moonhyun
Publication Date : December, 2018
Key words : Rainfall-induced landslide, debris flow, combined analysis
Wetting front, Navier-Stokes equation, Non-Newtonian fluid
Geographical Information System (GIS)
Dynamic and Pseudo-Static Analysis of Soil-Pile Systems under Dynamic Loading
Author : Lim, Hyunsung
Publication Date : December, 2018
Key words : Shaking table test, Dynamic p-y curve, Soil resistance,
Finite difference method, Pseudo-static analysis,
Earthquake-resistance design
Dynamic Response of a Single Pile and Group Piles in Sands by Three Dimensional Analysis
Author : Park, JeongSik
Publication Date : December, 2018
Key words : 3D numerical analysis, single and pile, groups
p-y curve, dynamic loading, shaking table test,
parameter study
Proposed Shaft Resistance of Prebored and Precast Piles using Field Loading Tests
Author : Kim, Dohyun
Publication Date : June, 2018
Key words : Prebored and precast piles, steel pipe piles, pile loading tests,
multi-interface modeling, finite element analysis, load-settlement curves, t-z curves,
failure mechanism
Evaluation of Debris flow - Induced Impact Force on Check Dam Considering Entrainment of the Soil Layer
Author : Lee, Kwang Woo
Publication Date : June, 2018
Key words : Debris flow, Dynamic impact force, Entrainment, Check dam
Finite element analysis, Large deformation analysis, Field Monitoring
Analysis of Self-Supported Earth Retaining Wall with Stabilizing Piles
Author : Sim, Jaeuk
Publication Date : June, 2015
Keywords : Self-supported earth-retaining wall, Stabilizing pile
Passive resistance, Pile spacing, Pile embedded depth, Design charts
Load-Settlement Analysis for Rock-Supported Mat Foundation considering Proposed Subgrade Reaction Modulus
Author : Lee, Jaehwan
Publication Date : June, 2015
Keywords : Mat foundation, Subgrade reaction modulus, Rock discontinuity,
Non-uniform, Coupled soil springs, Numerical method, Design method
Evaluation of Bearing Capacity for Open-Ended Piles with Soil Plugging
Author : Ko, Junyoung
Publication Date : June, 2015
Keywords : Plugging effect, Open-ended piles, Inner shaft resistance
Annulus load resistance, Soil plugging index, Incremental filling ratio
GIS-based Susceptibility Assessment of Landslides using Geotechnical and Hydrological Model
Author : Kim, Junghwan
Publication Date : December, 2014
Keywords : Landslide susceptibility, Geohydrological model, Infinite slope stability
Antecedent rainfall, Rainfall-infiltration, Groundwater flow
Analytical Methods for Rainfall-Induced Landslide Considering Hydraulic-Mechanical Coupling and Strain Softening
Author : Kim, Yongmin
Publication Date : December, 2014
Keywords : Landslide, Debris flow, Unsaturated soil, Hydraulic-mechanical coupling
Large deformation, Strain softening, Finite element analysis
Proposed cyclic p-y curves for drilled shafts in weathered soil
Author : Kim, Byungchul
Publication Date : August, 2014
Keywords : Drilled shafts, lateral cyclic loading, field tests, three-dimensional finite
element analysis, p-y curve function, degradation factor
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