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Improved Design Method for Bent Pile Structures considering Column-Pile Interaction
Author : Kim, Jaeyoung
Publication Date : December, 2013
Keywords : Bent pile structures, virtual fixed point analysis, column-pile-soil
interactions, nonlinear behavior, interactive analytical method
Deterioration Behavior of Concrete Lining and Surrounding Ground of Tunnel
Author : Han, Youngchul
Publication Date : December, 2013
Keywords : Trapdoor, Progressive failure, Loosening loads, Ground arch, Plastic zone, Shear band,
Deterioration, Concrete lining
Integrated Design Methods for Piled Raft Foundations Considering Soil-Structure Interaction
Author : Cho, Jaeyeon
Publication Date : July 2013
Key Word : Piled raft foundation, 3D FE analysis, load sharing characteristic
soil-structure interaction, approximate analytical method, interactive analysis
Analysis of Three Dimensional Active Earth Pressure on the Vertical Circular Shaft by Centrifuge Test and Field Measurement
Author : Kim, Kyoung Yul
Publication Date : July 2013
Key Word : centrifuge model test, full scale in-situ test, arching effect, lateral earth
pressure, vertical circular shaft, excavation effect, Rankine's theory, active displacement
Improved Lateral Load Transfer (p-y) Curves for Large Diameter Piles based on 3D Wedge Failure Method
Author : Kim, Youngho
Publication Date : June 2010
Key Word : Field and laboratory load test, lateral load transfer, soil continuity, soil resistance
Point bearing load-displacement behavior of rock-socketted drilled shafts in Korea
Author : Cho, Hooyeon
Publication Date : July 2010
Proposed New Design Method of the Pile Bent Structure considering plastic hinge
Author : Ahn, Sangyong
Publication Date : July 2010
Key Word : pile bent structure, plastic hinge, nonlinear behavior of material, P-△ effect
Estimation of In-situ Dynamic Modulus for Asphalt Pavement Analysis Considering Various Vehicle Speeds
Author : Seo, Joowon
Publication Date : December 2009
Key Word : Asphalt pavement structure, Falling Weight Deflectometer, Multi layered elastic analysis
Shear Behavior of Crushed Rocks Based on Large-Scale Direct Shear Tests
Author : Lee, Daesoo
Publication Date : July 2008
Key Word : Large scale shear test, crushed rock, shear behaviour, critical state
Load Transfer Analysis of Rock-Socketed Drilled Shafts by considering Coupled Soil Resistance
Author : Seol, Hoonil
Publication Date : December 2007
Key Word : Rock-socketed drilled shaft, load transfer, constant normal stiffness, coupled soil resis
Nonlinear Three Dimensional Analysis of Settlement of Piled raft in Clay Soils
Author : Lee, Jinhyung
Publication Date : June 2007
Key Word : piled raft, soft clay, 3D FE analysis, slip interface model, pile groupraft area ratio, c
Time-dependent Behavior of Pile Groups on Soft Clay underlying Approach Embankments
Author : Seo, Donghee
Publication Date : December 2006
Key Word: centrifuge model test, embankment, finite element analysis,
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