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A Study on the Residual Strength of Sandy Soils and Construction Materials by Ring Shear Test
Author : Jung, Hyungsuh
Publication Date : July, 2020
Key words : Ring shear test, Interface model, Residual shear strength
Interface friction angle, 3D analysis.
Analysis of Dynamic p-y curves on an Single Pile under Sinusoidal Loadings in Dry Sand
Author : Kim, Gunwoo
Publication Date : December, 2019
Key words : Dynamic p-y curves, Shear wave velocity, Finite difference method
Dynamic property, SPASM, Earthquake-resistance design.
A Study on the Communication Range Analysis for Landslide Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Network System
Author : Jung, Sung Hwa
Publication Date : August 2019
Key words : Landslide, Wireless Sensor network,
Communication range analysis, Landslide monitoring system,
Geographical Information System (GIS),
Optimal arrangement method.
A Study on the Axial Stiffness and Load Distribution ratio on Exisiting and Reinforcing Piles in Vertical Apartment Extension
Author : Cho, Hyeon Chul
Publication Date : December, 2018
Key words : Vertical Extension, Axial Stiffness, Settlement based design,
Existing Piles, Reinforcing Piles, Load Distribution Ratio.
The Effect of Ground Amplification on Piles under Ground Shaking
Author : Shim, Jaehyeok
Publication Date : December, 2018
Key words : Pile foundation, Soil - structure interaction,
groundmotion amplification, Dynamic analysis method,
Pseudo static analysis, Response spectrum
Analysis of Plugging Effect for Large Diameter Steel Pipe Piles Considering Driveability (CEL Method)
Author : Song, Sumin
Publication Date : December,2017
Keywords :Large diameter steel pipe pile,
Large deformation FE analysis,
Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian technique,
Driveability, Plugging effect
Rainfall induced Load-Settlement Behavior of Shallow Foundations on Unsaturated Soil
Author : Park, hyun Do
Publication Date : December, 2016
Keywords : Unsaturated Soil, Matric Suction,
Modulus of Elasticity, Rainfall Intensity,
Rainfall Duration, Soil-water Characteristic Curve,
Finite Element Analysis
Horizontal Load-Defleection Anlaysis of Offshore Inclined Piles
Author : Nam, Jin Hyun
Publication Date : December, 2016
keywords : Lateral Load, Horizontal Resistance, Inclined Pile,
Load-Transfer Curve(p-y curve)
A Study on the Excavation Damage Zone(EDZ) uner TBM Excavation
Author : Lee, Seung Youn
Publication Date : December, 2015
Keywords : Tunnel Excavation, Large Deformation Analysis,
Excavation Damage Zone(EDZ), Dynamic Analysis,
Quasi-static Analysis
Nondestructive testing of underground concrete structures using pile integrity test
Author : Jeon, Sekuk
Publication Date : August, 2014
Keywords : Nondestructive test, pile integrity test(PIT), drilled shaft, Shield TBM,
ground penetration radar(GPR)
The Strength - Strain Behavior of Sand under Cyclic and Static Triaxial Loading
Author : Jeong, Seon Hwan
Publication Date :July 2013
Key Word : Strength - Strain characteristic, Jumunjin sand, Triaxial test, Cyclic Triaxial
Stress path, Stress - Stain relationship
Numerical Analysis of Thermal Efficiency and Structural Capacity on PHC Energy Piles
Author : Min, Hyesun
Publication Date : June 2012
Key Word : energy pile, thermal stress, group pile, load transfer, finite element analysis
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