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Horizontal Load-Defleection Anlaysis of Offshore Inclined Piles
Author : Nam, Jin Hyun
Publication Date : December, 2016
keywords : Lateral Load, Horizontal Resistance, Inclined Pile,
Load-Transfer Curve(p-y curve)
A Study on the Excavation Damage Zone(EDZ) uner TBM Excavation
Author : Lee, Seung Youn
Publication Date : December, 2015
Keywords : Tunnel Excavation, Large Deformation Analysis,
Excavation Damage Zone(EDZ), Dynamic Analysis,
Quasi-static Analysis
Nondestructive testing of underground concrete structures using pile integrity test
Author : Jeon, Sekuk
Publication Date : August, 2014
Keywords : Nondestructive test, pile integrity test(PIT), drilled shaft, Shield TBM,
ground penetration radar(GPR)
The Strength - Strain Behavior of Sand under Cyclic and Static Triaxial Loading
Author : Jeong, Seon Hwan
Publication Date :July 2013
Key Word : Strength - Strain characteristic, Jumunjin sand, Triaxial test, Cyclic Triaxial
Stress path, Stress - Stain relationship
Numerical Analysis of Thermal Efficiency and Structural Capacity on PHC Energy Piles
Author : Min, Hyesun
Publication Date : June 2012
Key Word : energy pile, thermal stress, group pile, load transfer, finite element analysis
Analysis of Tunnel Loads by Considering Different Soil Conditions
Author : Park, Jungjin
Publication Date : December 2011
Key Word : tunnel concrete lining, ground-lining interaction model, G.L.I model, terzaghi table
Analysis of Friction Pile Group on Soft Soil
Author : Paek, Jinyeol
Publication Date : June 2011
Key Word : shear load, f-w curve, friction pile, deep soft clay, load test data base
A Study on the Influence Factors of PHC Energy Piles based on Thermal and Structural Characteristics
Author : Song, Jin-young
Publication Date : December 2010
Key Word : energy pile, thermal and structural Characteristics, grout, single
Stability Analysis for Slopes reinforced with pressure grouted soil nails
Author : Yun, Yeo-hyeok
Publication Date : December 2010
Key Word : numerical analysis, pull-out resistance load , pressure grouted soil anils, shear strengt
Heat Transfer Analysis of Energy Pile Considering Geothermal Energy
Author : Do Hyun, Kim
Publication Date : January 2010
Key Word : energy pile, heat exchanger, heat transfer, ABAQUS, FLUENT, ground condition
Evaluation of Allowable Bearing Capacity on the Pile Considering Negative Skin Friction
Author : Kwon, Young Ki
Publication Date : January 2010
Key Word : Negative skin friction, Neutral point, End bearing, Shaft bearing, Allowable bearing capa
A Study on the Liquefaction Resistance of Anisotropic Sample under Real Earthquake Loading
Author : Lee, Chaejin
Publication Date : August 2009
Key Word : liquefaction, liquefaction resistance strength, earthquake loading, cyclic triaxial test,
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