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Soil-Substructure Interaction Lab (SSIL)

SSIL was established in 1995, under Professor Jeong, Sangseom, researching and educating in the field of Soil and foundation engineering, specialized in studies on interaction between sub-super-structure and the soil. Since then, we trained 18 doctors, 38 masters and 4 post-doctor researchers 3 doctoral students, 2 joint master-doctoral students and 4 master students are now studying, training to be the leaders in the field of soil and foundation engineering. Experties, effective analyzing skills and engineering judgement plays a big role in the field of soil-substructure interaction. SSIL is focusing on developing new methods to analyze the behavior of foundations and soils through numerical analysis, and experiments to be able to compete on the international level in the 21st century.

Soil-Substructure Interaction Lab is also looking to expand the field of research to analyzing large piled rafts, developing a monitoring system for construction management, seismic design for powerlines and pipes, pilebent analysis, and seismic design and analysis of foundations for bridges.

To make it possible, SSIL obtained superior experimental tools and softwares to make it a more research friendly environment, and all the members of the SSIL are teamed as one to improve the field of foundation engineering and make it more efficient and solid.


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